Digital Marketing

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We develop algorithms, processes and systems for the digital age for the efficient delivery of PPC ads, SEO optimization and monitoring of your products on platforms.

Our Digital Marketing Services at a glance

Our Digital Marketing Services at a glance Everythingpossible/Adobe Stock

PPC setup & campaign management

We set up your advertising campaigns and take over the placement of advertisements for you. Our monthly PPC report keeps you constantly informed about the performance of your ads.

Our Digital Marketing Services at a glance Sandor Jackal/Adobe Stock

Keyword research in national language

In order to place effective PPC ads on the marketplaces and to ensure that your listings are constantly optimized for SEO, we research and classify your keywords in the respective national language of the target market.'

Our Digital Marketing Services at a glance Ipopba/Adobe Stock

Setup, monitoring & optimization of product listings

We set up your product listings in the specified target markets, monitor traffic and conversion of your products and take measures, for example, for SEO optimization of product texts or make recommendations on sales prices, promotions, design and product development.

Our Digital Marketing Services at a glance

Data Prepping & Product Data Migration

Product data feeds must be transferred from system A to system B? No problem! With our Data Prepping Service we make almost any data migration into the appropriate digital distribution channel possible. Regular data reconciliation can also be achieved more cost-effectively, for example if an interface is not yet economical.

Digitalisation holds possibilities

We sell products worldwide via online platforms such as Amazon or eBay at our own risk. In our Sales Lab we test and analyse under real market conditions to develop the ideal advertising and sales strategy.

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Our solutions

Expand globally with eCommerce

The next level for your eCommerce: grow internationally and sell globally. That means more countries, more markets, more reach, more customers and consequently more sales.

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Grow beyond Amazon & Co.

The possibilities of eCommerce are greater than Amazon or your own online shop. We conquer new trading worlds and create growth for manufacturers, brands and dealers.

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Introduce & place new products

We support you with our know-how in the successful launch and sustainable placement of products and brands. Both analog and digital, both nationally and internationally.

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