Expand globally with eCommerce

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The next level for your eCommerce: grow internationally and sell globally. That means more countries, more markets, more reach, more customers and consequently more sales.

International expansion

The international expansion makes sense in most cases and offers enormous growth potential for brands, manufacturers and retailers. However, most people are not aware of how diverse the aspects that must be considered when expanding. Amazon and other platforms enable national providers to easily sell internationally through their platforms and programs such as Amazon's CEE. However, a few settings on the platform are not enough.

Diverse challenges of the global market

„Different countries, different manners“ says an old German saying and it has never been as true as in times of customer focus, experience-driven commerce and globalization. In addition to the technical framework and suitable software tools, there are other very important aspects to consider: the national particularities in commercial and tax law, regulatory requirements, certifications, brand protection, dealer protection, buyer protection, data protection, language, customer mentality and consumer behavior, customer problems and needs , User behavior (e.g. mobile vs. desktop) and a lot more.

EU, non-EU or global? CEE or PAN-EU program? EU or national law? Import regulations and restrictions? What are the delivery thresholds? Is tax registration necessary? These questions are just a few examples and come only from the area of ​​law and regulation. The differences between individual countries and societies can be enormous, so meeting local conditions and expectations is crucial to the success of opening up new trading worlds and continents.

Expand effectively with our Global Growth Solution

We as growpanions naturally accompany you in your international expansion - individually, professionally and purposefully. Our Global Growth Solution includes all the services you need to make your company successful in new markets. Combined with our mindset, our skills and our global network, we increase your sales potential and at the same time reduce the complexity for you.

Get to know us, our mindset and methods

In our no-obligation initial meeting, tell us about your expansion plans, present your products or range to us, and we'll show you your opportunities and potential. With our Growth Canvas Tool and Global Growth Checklist, we can also be very specific in the first appointment. Of course we treat your information confidentially and exclusively for the initial consultation.


Our services

Digital Marketing

We develop algorithms, processes and systems for the digital age for the efficient delivery of PPC ads, SEO optimization and monitoring of your products on platforms.

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Creative Services

Our services include customer experience analyzes and concepts, product photography and design, depending on the market SEO-optimized texting in the local language and the creation of branded content.

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Exclusive Distribution

You own the inventory – we sell it. If the potential test is positive, we will consider exclusive distribution for you in your desired target markets.

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Consulting & Workshops

We advise you on your digital market opportunities and coach you in current working methods. In workshop formats, we develop concepts for your brands, products and processes together.

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