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We support you with our know-how in the successful launch and sustainable placement of products and brands. Both analog and digital, both nationally and internationally.

Brands and products in the digital age

A few years ago it was much easier for your brand and products to be found and bought by customers. Today, however, the number of products and online trading platforms has grown rapidly and new providers from abroad are constantly being added. At the same time, the number and variety of stationary retailers has decreased, while advertising pressure and application possibilities, especially digitally, have increased strongly. A forest of possibilities, algorithms and forms of advertising where you sometimes can't see the right tree.

The path to successful product launches


Market analysis

Analysis of the target markets and target group as well as trading partners and possible platforms



Communication and marketing strategy for the goal-oriented promotion of the product


Market launch

Positioning of the product at the best possible time of market launch

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Up-to-date solutions for global product launches

Our solution for the introduction of new products is based on a holistic approach, on analyses and customer insights. The right combination of our services combined with the right strategy and strong user experience ensures fast and successful launches, reduces complexity, potential sources of error and creates growth.

In the run-up to the market launch we analyse

  • The selection of suitable target markets, trading partners and platforms
  • The desired or to be addressed target groups and their problems, wishes and needs
  • Potential barriers and hurdles to product introduction such as legal and regulatory challenges, trademark rights and certification
  • Set priorities for markets and target groups and determine the sequence of market introduction for quick success
  • The right pricing and relevant service options
  • The so-called beta users/innovators and early adopters for a special address

We create the necessary basis for communication and marketing

  • What special benefit does your new product create for the target groups?
  • How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition, both in terms of product and sender (manufacturer, brand)?
  • How do we ensure the correct perception of the product positioning?
  • What messages do we need to communicate?
  • Which marketing measures are necessary and how do we successfully advertise the product?
  • Who are the right multipliers and influencers for the product and target group?

Together with you we determine

  • When is the right time for the market launch
  • How brand and product should be positioned on the individual platforms
  • What preparatory marketing measures and actions should/must be implemented in the run-up to the launch
  • Which KPIs we measure to evaluate the success of product launch and sales

A product launch is a complex subject - growpanion reduces this complexity for you. We analyse and develop holistic strategies and concepts for the success of your brand and the fast, efficient and successful sale of your new product. In doing so, we serve the entire supply chain and customer journey through our services and partners - depending on your needs and wishes.

We help with global product placement

In a free initial consultation, you will learn how we successfully launch your new product on the market and what we do differently. Thanks to our growpanion analysis tools, we can already become concrete in this conversation.

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Our services

Digital Marketing

We develop algorithms, processes and systems for the digital age for the efficient delivery of PPC ads, SEO optimization and monitoring of your products on platforms.

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Creative Services

Our services include customer experience analyzes and concepts, product photography and design, depending on the market SEO-optimized texting in the local language and the creation of branded content.

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Exclusive Distribution

You own the inventory – we sell it. If the potential test is positive, we will consider exclusive distribution for you in your desired target markets.

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Consulting & Workshops

We advise you on your digital market opportunities and coach you in current working methods. In workshop formats, we develop concepts for your brands, products and processes together.

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